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Eden Prairie Gutter Cleaning

September 02, 2013 by

Well fall has arrived and it is time to clean the gutters on your Eden Prairie home.  Once the leaves have all fallen it is time to get those gutters ready for the spring rain and fall is the best time to do that.  We are a SW Metro based gutter cleaning company and can be to your Eden Prairie home in no time to give you a free gutter cleaning estimate on your home.  We encourage fall cleanings over spring since in the spring the rains can come before the dirty gutters have thawed and can be clean leaving your home open water damage.  Once the leaves have fallen and winter is right around the corner there is little chance of something clogging your gutters up before the spring rains, well unless you have a neighborhood squirrel with a PHD in dam building! 

How we will clean the gutters on your Eden Prairie Home – We hand dig all the “gutter junk” from your gutters and place it in trash bags and remove from your property when we are done.  Once the gutters are all scooped out we flush them out with a hose and make sure they are flowing properly.  We try to leave your home like we found it, but because of the nature of the job it is hard not to leave a little evidence of our visit around your home.

What do we need from you? – All we need from you is the water left on outside, that’s it!  You don’t even need to be home. 

How to schedule your gutter cleaning – The easiest way to contact us is to fill out our contact page and leave us your full address.  We will do our best to make it out within 24 hours to give you a free estimate and upon your approval we will get you on the calendar.  Almost all jobs can be done within 5 business days of the decision to book. 

Is there anything else we can help you with on your Eden Prairie, Minnesota home? – Well the only downfall to gutter cleaning is the rinsing of the gutters can result in dirty water spraying on your windows; good thing for you is we are a full service window cleaner too!  We offer a “quick” window clean to all of our gutter clients to make sure you are not staring through dirty windows all winter.  This is a less detailed exterior window clean compared to our full window clean, but it comes at a much reduced cost.  Trust me you will be happy with the value you receive if you add this service!

We look forward to hearing from you and having us come out to visit your home and hopefully build a long last relationship.

Thank you,

Barry Schindle