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Gutter Cleaner in Twin Cities

September 21, 2013 by

River City Home Solutions LLC is proud to be expanding our gutter cleaning area to the following Twin Cities locations start in October 2013:

  • St. Louis Park – We will now be offering gutter cleaning services in the St Louis Park.
  • Jordan – We are expanding south of the river to include Jordan for gutter cleaning.
  • Golden Valley – With dense tree cover we saw this was a great location to offer gutter cleaning.
  • Crystal – I know Crystal well having called it home and know dirty gutters are always a factor.
  • Medina – Medina = tons of trees = tons of dirty gutters.  Let us help clean your gutters!
  • Mound – Mound has lots of old growth trees around homes which mean dirty gutters!
  • New Hope – Most New Hope homes have great shade cover, but that equals needing to clean gutters each fall to carry away the spring rains.
  • Hopkins – Having lived in Hopkins I know personally that dirty gutters are a fact of life on your home and I am here to help clean those gutters!

When to clean my gutters in the Twin Cities?

Gutter cleaning is best done in the fall after the leaves have fallen from the trees.  Since winter is right around the corner it is important to get on our schedule soon to ensure an early date and not run into freeze-up before your gutters can be cleaned.  We can typically service gutter requests the same week we receive the request.  If you can’t get them cleaned in the fall gutter cleaning in the spring before the heavy rains also works, you just need to make sure to get them cleaned before the rains start and sometimes Mother Nature is sneaky and starts before you can clean your gutters. 

How will you clean the gutters on my Minneapolis area home?

We hand clean each section of gutter making sure all debris is removed and placed into trash bags that we later remove from your home when we leave.  After we have cleaned your gutters we flush them out to make sure all the downspouts are flowing properly so they can carry water away from your home. 

How do I book a gutter cleaning on my Twin Cities Home?

The first step is to contact us either by calling or our contact form(preferred).  Please leave your full address so we can swing out and give you a free estimate.  From there it is up to you when you want to schedule, we can typically ensure same week cleanings.  The day of the gutter cleaning you do not need to be home, but we do need the exterior water turned on so we can flush your gutter system out and make sure all clogged gutters are working properly.

How much does gutter cleaning cost for my Twin Cities home?

Prices for gutter cleaning range from $75 - $300 depending on the size of your home and the height of the gutters.  Your typical rambler will be $75-100, two story homes $100-150 typically. 

See how we will clean the gutters on your Twin Cities Home - Gutter Cleaning Home Page


I look forward to hearing from you and coming out to give you a free estimate for gutter cleaning on your home!

Barry Schindle