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Minnetonka Gutter Cleaner

September 02, 2013 by

Well the leaves are falling around your Minnetonka home which means your gutters are getting filled and need cleaning.  Fall is the perfect time to get your gutters cleaned to ensure they are ready for the spring rains.  Once the leaves have fallen off the trees and winter is right around corner there is little that will make it into your gutters before the spring rains come and the best opportunity to have them cleaned.  We are a SW Metro based gutter cleaner and just based just 5 minutes from the shores of Lake Minnetonka that is here to service your gutters before the winter sets in, fall is a great time since once they are clean they should stay clean till spring.  The problem with waiting till spring is the debris could be frozen in the gutters one day and unable to be cleaned and the next day we could get a 1” plus rain storm and your gutters are overflowing and all that water is falling straight down to the ground and your foundation. 

How we clean the gutters on your Minnetonka home

We hand dig all debris from your gutters and empty it into bags which we take with us when we leave.  We do our best not to leave too much of a mess behind, but a little is inevitable and we will do our best to avoid or clean up when we are done.  Once we are scooping most of the debris from your gutters we will now flush the gutters to make sure we get as much as possible and to ensure your system is working properly.

What else can you do to make sure your gutters are working properly on your Minnetonka home come spring

We can also install strainers in the openings for your downspouts, this will help extend the period of time before your gutters plug again since it takes more than just a couple well placed leaves to plug the hole.  These come at an additional cost, but are very economical and we almost always have them with us.  Once installed they can be cleaned the next time we are out to clean the gutters and re-installed so typically a onetime cost. 

Now your gutters are clean, how about them windows? 

Since we are spraying water in your very dirty gutters odds are your windows are going to get a bath of water and possibly dirt.  We are a full service window cleaning company and I do offer a “quick” clean after gutters at a discounted price.  This is not as detailed as our full cleans, but it will ensure your windows are looking pretty darn good after your gutter cleaning. 

Check out our main gutter cleaning page and see how we clean gutters – Link

The best part about having us do your gutter cleaning is you don’t even have to be home.  We do require your water to be on when we arrive; otherwise we can only do the hand scooping of the gutters and not the flushing.  We offer this service 7 days a week and can usually fit you in within 5 days of calling and us providing you a free estimate.

To get a free estimate please fill out our contact page with full address and we will swing by to give you a no cost estimate – Contact Page

Thank You,
Barry Schindle

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