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Home Maintenance Tip – Hiring a Gutter Cleaner in the Twin Cities

February 24, 2013 by

Do you have a small garden growing out of your gutters on your Twin Cities home?  Well it is time to hire a Gutter Cleaner to clean out those gutters and make sure the water is flowing away from your home and not backing up into the roof system or causing problems with your foundation.  Plugged gutters can cause water to pool and cause damage to not only your gutters because of the excess weight, but also to your roof system if water backs up especially when it is getting cold out since it can be the start of an ice dam.  Full gutters also cause water to spill over the top of the gutter system and fall straight to the ground, the one place you tried to keep water away from when you put them on your home.  It is important for your gutters to be working properly and carrying the water away from your home and its foundation system. 

Some factors to consider when hiring a Gutter Cleaner in the Twin Cities:

  • How will the gutter cleaner you hire actually clean your gutters?  - It is really up to you how your property is left, but I think most of you would agree that piles of smelly debris left below your gutters is not what you had in mind when you paid someone to clean your gutters out.  At River City Home Solutions we hand scoop each section of your gutters and place the debris into trash bags which are taken with us at the end of the job, well unless you are seeking some great compost material and we will gladly place the “gutter junk” in your compost pile/bin. 
  • Besides scooping out debris from the gutters what else do you do?  - When we are done hand cleaning the gutter system we will flush it out with a hose and make sure the downspouts are flowing properly.  Please make sure you have a faucet turned on for us when we arrive in case you are not home. 
  • What makes you different than the other gutter cleaning companies? – What makes me different is I have 10+ years of residential home building experience having built 300+ homes from start to finish as a general contractor.  Not only will I be cleaning your gutters, I will be keeping an eye out for other possible issues on your home and gladly report and issues I see to you at the end of the job.  I can make basic repairs myself, but also can call upon area contractors that can get your home back into tiptop shape.

See how we clean gutters in the Minneapolis area – Gutter Cleaning

At the end of the day gutter cleaning is an important issue that many homeowners overlook until it is too late.  Sure you could spend your Saturday on top of a 32’ ladder doing it yourself, but why put yourself in a risky situation cleaning your gutters and ruin a weekend cleaning stinky junk from your gutters!

Hope to see you soon,
Barry Schindle

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