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Best Time to Have Your Windows Cleaned?

February 25, 2013 by

Lots of people ask the question “when is the best time to have my windows cleaned?” and my normal answer is anytime.  If you ask most window cleaners when they are the busiest and they will say Spring and Fall, which is because this is when the majority of customers have their windows cleaned if they are only doing it once or twice a year.  But is there a best time of the year to have this service done on your home?  Personally if I had to pick a time to have it done once per year and last the longest I would do it in December once temps typically don’t get much above freezing and rains are done till spring.  It is not that rain gets your windows dirty, but coupled with different conditions in the spring like road work, farm work, pollen from trees, etc. there is lots of opportunity for your windows to get dirty sooner. 

Many window cleaners hang it up for the winter since it is cold outside and they don’t want to work in the conditions, that does not mean you can’t clean windows though.  Winter temps just mean window washers have to add things like winter washer solution to their mix and use warm water so they have time to clean your window before the water freezes.  It is a little cold on the hands, but still can be done none the less.

Spring and Fall will continue to be the hot times for window cleaners, but that does not mean you can’t consider this service other times of the year for your home.  The middle of the summer and winter I can promise you most window cleaners will be slower and be much more relaxed when doing your home and not rushed to get to the next job since there is a good chance you are the only job for the day, not much of an issue with River City Home Solutions because most days I only book one job per day. 

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