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Chaska Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a great time and money saving way to get the outside of your home looking great without having to reinvest thousands in a new coat of paint on the exterior or replacing dirty deck boards. 

River City Home Solutions can help you spruce up the outside of your Chaska home in the following ways:

  • Whole House Washing – We will clean the outside of your Chaska home starting with the highest parts and working towards the ground ensuring a refreshed look on your home.
  • Decks, Patio, Driveway, and Sidewalks – Pressure washing is a great lay to remove a layer of dirt and grime revealing your beautiful surfaces below.  This is a great option if your deck needs to be cleaned up before re-sealing also. 
  • Screened Porches – Anyone with a screened porch in Minnesota knows how big of a pain it is to keep them clean, especially if you have a willow tree in your neighborhood.  Let us clean up that screened porch with your pressure washers working from the inside spraying out.