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Chaska Window and Gutter Cleaning

Chaska Window CleanerChaska Window Cleaning

Looking for a window cleaner in the Chaska area?  Well you have come to the right spot.  River City Home Solutions LLC is a small window cleaning company focused on servicing the SW Twin Cities including Chaska, MN.  We offer a wide variety of window cleaning options for your Chaska home and know just how dirty windows can get in a community that is still growing and surrounded by farm fields and construction projects.  How do we differ from some of our competition in the window cleaning world of the Twin Cities?  Well I am a very small company focused on offering a great service at a fair price.  I will typically personally be cleaning the windows on your home which makes it each for me to ensure an as close to perfection window when I am done as humanly possible.  Why is quality so important to me when I am cleaning the windows on your home as opposed to hiring someone else that might have employees or worse case contractors?  To grow my business I know I need to provide the same level of service to each customer because I want to see you year after year and have a vested interest of going above and beyond you might get from someone making $10/hour working for someone else.  Have me out to give you a free estimate and I can show you the River City difference!  See how we will clean the windows on your Chaska home – LINK  

Chaska Gutter CleanerChaska Gutter Cleaning

Time to get those gutter cleaned on your Chaska home before the spring rains start?  Well we are a SW Twin Cities based gutter cleaning company that can take care of your gutters without you having to go up a ladder.  Gutter cleaning in the Twin Cities is important due to the fact we have so much tree cover throughout the metro.  A clogged gutter system can mean damage to your home and it is often out of sight out of mind until it is too late.  At River City Home Solutions LLC.  we clean gutter the right way, by hand!  We will clean each section of your gutter system by hand bagging all the debris and removing it with us at the end of the job.  The second step is the one that makes us different from  some of the competition and it is the most important step, we flush the gutter systWhy is flushing the gutters so important?  Well some guys will just dig out the debris in the gutters themselves and not do a flush, but if you are not flushing you are not ensuring the downspouts are not clogged.  Without the downspouts flowing you mind as well just left the gutters dirty since water can’t go where it needs to go.  When we leave our goal is to ensure water is getting to where it needs to be, away from your home.  Give us a call today for a free gutter cleaning estimate on your Chaska, MN home.  See how we clean gutters in the Twin Cities – LINK


Chaska Pressure Washing

Time to get your Chaska, MN home sparkling for that big summer party?  Well there is no better way to approve the outside appearance of your home than a whole house washing.  We offer home pressure washing as part of our total exterior cleaning packages.  We offer pressure washing packages that will fit whatever your needs are from the entire house to just a small deck.  Let our pressure washers clean up that deck or patio you will be hosting your party on.  We can also do sidewalks, driveways, and screen porches.  Pressure washing is a great way to freshen up the outside of your home without having to pay thousands to redo the exterior finishes.  See how we will pressure wash your Chaska home – LINK


We service the following zip codes in the Chaska, MN area - 55318