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Twin Cities Gutter Cleaner – Excelsior, MN

Don’t wait till the spring rains hit to figure out your gutters need cleaning!  Hiring a gutter cleaner is the easiest way to ensure your gutters are ready for the spring rains.  Due to the heavy tree cover in Excelsior most homes need to have their gutter systems cleaned at least once per year.  We will hand clean each section of your gutters and make sure any clogged downspouts are free flowing when we are done.  After we hand scoop your dirty gutters we flush them out to make sure water is flowing properly and your downspouts are not plugged further down out of sight which they often are.  We are located between HW 7 and HW 5 so just minutes from your Excelsior, MN home and would love to swing by and give you a free estimate. 

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How will River City clean the gutters on your Excelsior, MN home?

The first step in our gutter cleaning process is to hand clean each section of gutters bagging the gutter debris as we go so we can take it with us when we leave.  After we have cleaned your gutters we will flush them with a gutter hose to ensure they are flowing right and the downspouts are not clogged. 

What time of the year should I clean the gutters on my Twin Cities home?

Fall is the ideal time of the year to clean your gutters once the leaves have fallen, once they are clean there is little in the winter that will clog them up so they are ready to go in the spring when the rains come.  Another good time to get the gutters cleaned on your Excelsior home is in the spring, not as good as a fall cleaning due to the fact that the rains could start before your gutters thaw out and can be cleaned.  Otherwise anytime you have a clogged gutter is a great time to get them cleaned, also the most critical time for a cleaning as the water is already pooling in the dirty gutter.

So how do I get you to come out to my Excelsior, Minnesota home and clean the gutters?

Well since I live right next door in Chanhassen the easiest way is to contact me via the contact form for gutter cleaning or give me a call.  The next step is I will provide you a free estimate for the gutter cleaning on your Excelsior home and from there it is a matter of contacting me to get on the schedule.  I can typically fit you in the same week you contact me to get your gutters cleaned. 

What else does River City offer while cleaning my gutters on my Excelsior, MN home?

We are also a window cleaning company and during the gutter cleaning process with the flushing of the gutters odds are water will spray onto your windows.  Because of this we do offer a “quick” window clean option for our gutter cleaning customers to get them looking great again.  While not as detailed as our full window clean I promise you will be happy with the value.

Anything I need to do when you come to clean my gutters on my Excelsior home?

We do ask that you have the water turned on to the exterior faucets so we can flush the gutters, otherwise we will only hand clean them and do our best to ensure the downspouts are not clogged.  Otherwise you don’t need to be home the day your gutters get cleaned, we will simply leave the invoice in the front door when we are done.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Because every home is different there is no fixed cost.  A smaller single story rambler typically run $75-100, normal two story $100-150, and large homes with taller gutters can range from $150-300.  It all comes down to time and the taller we have the go the longer it takes to be safe.

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