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Minnetonka Window, Gutter, and Pressure Washing

We are a SW Twin Cities based exterior cleaning company that offers Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning, and Pressure Washing for your Minnetonka home.  We differ from many of our competition in that we run only one crew and I am personally on each job making sure the level of work is up to my high standards. 

Window Cleaner in Minnetonka


Minnetonka Window Cleaning

River City Home Solutions LLC. is here to help with all your exterior cleaning tasks.  Our primary focus is window cleaning which I have personally been doing since 2007 in the Twin Cities area.  We offer a variety of packages depending on what your needs are, some folks just want the outside of their windows cleaned while others what their entire window system cleaned including inside, outside, screens, and tracks/sills.  We can handle you with whatever your window cleaning needs are on your Minnetonka home.  We offer window cleaning as soon as winter releases its grip on us in the spring until roughly Thanksgiving in the fall when winter storms back in.  See how we will clean the window on your Minnetonka home – LINK



Gutter Cleaner in MinnetonkaMinnetonka Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning on your Minnetonka home is one of those exterior maintenance tasks that often get overlooked until it is too late and water has found its way into your home.  Dirty gutters and downspouts can have water spilling over your gutter system and making its way into your basement.  We clean gutters the right way, by hand and with a flush.  Some of our competitors only clean the actual gutters out without doing a full gutter system flush ensuring that your downspouts are not clogged which they often are.  There is no way to see from above if a downspout is clogged so to ensure that it is not plugged you must flush the gutter system with water to make sure everything is flowing properly.  We will hand clean each section of gutter on your Minnetonka, MN home bagging the debris which we will take with us when we leave.  Once we are done cleaning the gutters we flush the entire gutter system with aid from your exterior water supply to make sure things are flowing right and your downspouts are not clogged.  See how we differ from our competition in cleaning your gutters – LINK

Minnetonka Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can turn back the clock on the appearance of the outside of your Minnetonka home.  Our powerful pressure washers can blast layers of dirt and grime from your exterior surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, docks, whole house washes, and screened porches.  See how our pressure washing can help out on the outside appearance of your Minnetonka home – LINK


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