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New Hope Gutter Cleaning

Time to find someone to clean your gutters on your New Hope, MN home?  Well we are a gutter cleaning company servicing the Twin Cities area including New Hope.  Gutter cleaning is an important task many homeowners overlook until it is too late and water is pouring over their clogged gutters.  We will take the time to properly clean your gutters on your New Hope home by hand cleaning each section of your gutters and making sure everything is flowing properly when we are done by flushing your gutters to make sure your downspouts are not clogged also.  Fall is the best time to get your gutters cleaned once the trees are done shedding their leaves, but spring is also an option before the rains start.  Gutter cleaning is a task most homeowners should not tackle due to working on roofs and ladders is something that should be left to the professionals. 

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How will River City clean the gutters on my New Hope home?

New Hope Gutter Cleaner

We hand clean all gutters by first scooping out all the debris in the gutter system and bagging it for removal when we leave.  After we have cleaned out all the gutters it is time to make sure they are actually flowing, one step that is critical if you are hiring a gutter cleaner to make sure they are doing.  Flushing the gutters is important since often there is clogs in the downspouts that cannot be seen when cleaning the gutters.  A clean gutter with a plugged downspout = no functioning gutters.

When is the best time to have to clean gutters in the Twin Cities?

The best time of the year to clean your gutters is in the fall once the leaves have fallen from the trees.  Gutter cleaning in the fall means your gutters go into winter clog free and there is little in the middle of the winter that will clog up your gutters unless you have some creative squirrels around your home!  You can also have your New Hope homes gutters cleaned in the spring, the only downfall to cleaning gutters at this time of the year is the rains may come before your gutters thaw and can be cleaned out.

Besides cleaning my gutters is there anything else River City can help me with?

During the gutter cleaning process we do use a hose to flush your gutter systems out; the downfall to this is water often finds its way onto your windows.  We are also a window cleaning company and do offer a “quick” clean for the exterior of your home that is not as detailed as our normal window clean but at a reduced cost it is a great value. 

What do I need to do the day of the cleaning?

The day of your gutter clean the only thing I need from you is the exterior water turned on, if it is not and you are not home we will be unable to flush your gutters.  Other than that you don’t even need to be home since we do not need to enter the home.  If you are not home we simply leave the invoice for gutter cleaning in your front door. 

How do I get you to come out and clean the gutters on my New Hope, MN home?

The first step is contacting me either by calling or on my contact form(preferred).  Since I don’t answer my phone while working at a customer’s house it is important to leave a detailed message with your full address so I can come out and give you a free estimate.  Once you have the free gutter cleaning estimate in hand you can decide if I am the right service for you, if you do you simply need to contact me and set-up a date.  I can usually fit gutter cleans in on the same week you contact me.

How much does it cost to hire a gutter cleaner in the Twin Cities?

For my service the range is $75-$300 right now.  Your basic one story rambler will typically run $75-100, a typical two story is usually $100-150, and larger/taller houses can run up to $200-300.  The cost in minimal compared to you going up a ladder or going on your roof since you are not used to doing that and it is dangerous. 

What services does River City Home Solutions LLC offer in the New Hope, Minnesota area?

  • Window CleaningWe offer window cleaning for local New Hope homeowners and businesses.
  • Gutter CleaningWe know New Hope well and are happy to help you keep your home looking great!

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