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Waconia Window Cleaner

Need to get those windows cleaned on your Waconia home?  Well we are here to serve you; River City is based in the SW Metro in Chanhassen so just down the road from Waconia.  We offer window washing, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services for your home.  Check out our page and see how we are different from the competition, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Waconia Window Cleaning

When should you get the windows cleaned on your Waconia, MN home?  Well the answer to that question is differs for each homeowner.  We offer variety of services that we can change to fit each individual homeowners need.  Some of the popular options are:

  • Spring and Fall Cleanings – Most homeowner want their windows cleaned in the spring and the fall.  Fall is great because for the most part there is little dirt in the air during the winter due to no road construction, mowing, or farming, windows stay cleaner well into the winter.  In the spring it is nice to get that layer of dirt off your windows and ready for summer when the sun pours into your home.  We do offer Spring/Fall packages to reduce the cost of your window cleaning on your Waconia home, just ask!
  • Once a year window cleaning – Well most people that only get their windows done once a year do it in the spring, after a long winter they want to get their windows ready for that summer party and so they can enjoy their view. 
  • Special event window washing – Everyone wants their home to shine for that big graduation party or summer 4th of July party and we encourage you to have us come out the week of your party and make sure they are looking great for your guests.
  • Scheduled window cleaning – We do have great discounts for those homeowners who want that unobstructed view year round and have us clean their exterior windows at a frequency of once a month, every other month, or quarterly.  We typically do the inside of their windows 1-2 times per year and only the outside windows which get dirty quicker more often.
  • Spot touch-up window cleaning – Some homes have some great picture windows that are the centerpiece of the room and you just want to stay clean.  We can do only certain windows on your home on a scheduled interval to make sure those key windows are always looking great and not blocking your view. 

Waconia Window Cleaning Prices

Check out our window washing processes – Link

  1. First we remove and label any screens in your Waconia home and set them outside to be cleaned, we never clean your dirty screens inside your home.
  2. Starting on the inside we prepare the area for washing the windows by moving any furniture and putting down a drop cloth to protect your flooring from our cleaning solution.
  3. Now we start cleaning your window by wetting the entire window with our strip washer making sure to hit the entire window.
  4. Next we scrub the window with either steel wool, scouring pad, or if there is some really stubborn debris a window cleaning scrapper. 
  5. Next we re-wet the entire window with our window washing strip washer.
  6. Now we prepare the window to be dried with our squeegee by drying the edges of your window with a towel.

Waconia Window Cleaner


Services offered in Waconia, MN include:

Window Cleaning – We offer a range of window washing services from your basic outside only clean to a full home inside, outside, and screens.
Gutter Cleaning – Make sure those gutters are cleared so your system is properly draining water away from your home.
Pressure Washing– Maybe that deck could use a facelift?  Driveway and sidewalks looking a little dirty?  We can help!


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