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Window Cleaning Tools - The Belt

Let’s take a look at another important window cleaning tool – The Window Washing Belt

The only way to efficiently clean windows is to have all your equipment with you at all times, and the only way to do that safely is with a window washer’s belt.  My belt has 3 loops that hold a total of 6 towels; I got through a TON of towels so I need them with me at all times.  It also has a scraper holder so that I don’t get cut if I reach in the wrong place.  Also on my belt is a holster, this holds my scrubber, squeegees, and extra channels.  The last thing not pictured on my belt that will be going on soon is a pouch for my steel wool.

Parts of the window cleaner’s tool belt – Each part has a link to a retail outlet to purchase:

  • Belt – Many different ones around, but this is the one I like the best because it has room for 6-8 window cleaning towels.
  • Scraper Holder – A great safe option that keeps it out of your way.
  • Holster – A must have, not only does it hold all your gear it also holds extra solution to keep your scrubber wet window after window.
  • Pouch – A must have also if you are going to use steel wool or a scrubber pad.

Window Cleaners Belt