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Window Cleaning Strip Washer

Window Cleaning Strip WasherWell this is another tool that is a must for cleaning windows.  The strip washer allows you to clean a large area of glass in a short period of time.  As you can see there are a wide variety of washers depending on the size of window you are cleaning and how dirty the glass is that you are cleaning.  Strip washers allow you to hold enough solution to do multiple windows without having to re-wet it each time.  Used in combination with a holster you can do 6-10 windows before you must dunk the washer in the bucket again before you finish washing the windows on the house.



Dual Action Window Cleaning Strip Scrubber

This is a specialty washer that gives you an edge when cleaning REALLY dirty windows.  You can see there are plastic fibers built into the scrubber giving you dual action cleaning at the same time.  You can purchase one like this here – Link